I am an optimist

I am an optimist; this mindset has kind of developed as I have grown older which surprises me in some ways, as I have never had as much responsibility in my life before. 
Now some people feel that optimists struggle with reality and that we don’t see things how they truly are, In fact it’s the opposite!
I know how busy and stressful my life is, I see that financially I am a great deal worse off due to working on Switch without earning a bean. I understand that I have to bring two boys up in an increasingly pressurised society. I get it, but I can choose whether to interpret these points positively or negatively.

Choosing to be optimistic (and it is a choice), means that I can turn pretty much any bad situation into a learning experience and therefore when I fall flat on my face, I know to pick myself up and tread a little more carefully in certain places.
Being an optimist allows me to feel grateful for the smallest of things, whether that’s an extra 15 minutes in bed (almost unheard of), or that person who decides to let me cut in to the queuing traffic after I found myself in the wrong lane. By finding joy in these small, simple things I genuinely feel content most of the time.

One of the biggest gifts I have as an optimist is the ability to live in the present (most of the time, no one is perfect!). Years ago I was a committed worrier, a catastrophe thinker in fact. I would literally exhaust myself with possibilities of how things would go wrong for me, which meant that even when everything was going great I couldn’t enjoy my life fully. Then when the inevitable happened and something did go wrong, I used this to confirm my fears.
If I could go back at tell my younger self something I would simply say “if it hasn’t happened then it isn’t real,” that noted I would also suggest wearing less eyeliner, but that’s another blog!
We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, we can’t plan for every eventuality and we don’t need to.

These days we are consistently told that we must think ahead and as long as that thinking involves setting lots of positive goals then so be it; as long as we remember to savour every last moment of each and everyday.
I don’t know the meaning of life, I don’t need to because I am alive and that has meaning to me and to the choices I make in my world.

I hope you will check out some of my videos on my Youtube channel which are aimed at helping you choose optimism and that will hopefully encourage you (should you need it) to become more optimistic.

Finally there is a quote that I love it reads, “a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not in the branch, but in its own wings, always believe in yourself” 
An optimist undoubtedly wrote this quote!
Remember, your amazing, believe it!

Emma Kenny x