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Appy is The New Healthy Social media App

Appy Hi everyone, So, some BIG news! It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally reveal that the app I’ve been working so hard to make a reality is almost ready to launch. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Appy – a complete solution for all your health and wellbeing needs. What’s more, it’s going to be 100% FREE! Appy is the product of many years’ hard work. It’s been a struggle and we’ve faced lots of obstacles along the way, but we finally have something we’re really proud of – we hope you’re going to love it too. The idea for Appy first came to me over a decade ago, when I was a struggling single parent raising my two boys. I had little time and even less money, so cooking healthy meals and finding the opportunity to exercise was really tough. What I craved for in my life was a place where I could find all the resources and support I needed for me and my boys to live healthy, happy lives (minus the expensive gym memberships, online

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