Body Confidence & Your Diet

Sometimes we don’t always have the body confidence that we should have. We look at ourselves and see something that is very different to what is actually there and think that we need to change. This is not helped by constant media images of ‘perfection’ and the fixed ideas held by friends and family about what we should be.  

Never fear though! There are a number of ways that you can improve your body confidence without falling into a negative pattern. One of these solutions is good old healthy eating.  

What you need to know about good nutrition...

It is a good idea to watch your calorie intake and keep it within a healthy range. For women, this can be around 1,800 calories a day, but will vary according to individual requirements, and for men, around 2,300 calories. Take care not to reduce your calorie intake too much though – food is your key to an energy fuelled life, so if you lower your intake too much you could find that you end up sluggish and tired.  

You should get to know what the nutritional information on food packaging actually means as this will help you to plan healthier meals for yourself. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring though - look for the right recipes and you’ll soon discover a new and exciting world of food!  

To diet, or not to diet?

Do you really need to go on a diet? The word itself suggests that you are restricting yourself in some way, but there is no need for you to deny yourself anything if you are careful.

For example, snacks such as crisps may not be good for you but as long as you see them as the occasional treat there is no harm in them, although it is better for you to swap snacks like this for fruit and vegetables. For those who find it difficult to be disciplined it may be easier to follow a set diet plan, though this will depend upon your own personal preference.
Why not consider just a few small changes that you can make to your daily diet? If you want to have body confidence then you need to feel good in the clothes that you want to wear, whether it is a bikini on the beach or a business suit at work. One example is white bread and pasta. Most people enjoy these with few problems but others will suffer from a bloated feeling afterwards. If this applies to you, either cut these from your diet or replace them with wholemeal versions that do not give you the same feeling, allowing you to slip into that outfit with confidence.  

A little tweak to your diet here and there might be your ticket to the healthier body image that you are looking for.  

Be happy in your own skin!

Faith x