Things I love about spring...

Spring has finally Sprung! After a chilly Easter weekend, this week has seen some much needed sunshine and to make the occasion, here are a few things I love about spring...

The Sounds...

In spring, life comes with a backing track of cheerful chirps and tweets. Nature feels closer and the world feels more alive.

Lawnmowers have been gathering dust in sheds across the nation for the past few months, and the first sound of a chattering lawnmower engine signals to me that spring is well and truly here. It may not be as lovely a sound as birdsong, but it marks the beginning of months spent pottering outside and enjoying the warmer weather... so I like it!

The Sights...

Leaves on trees
I'm excited for leaves to make an appearance, for the country to look lush and textured again. The trees are symbol of the seasons... if you ever got taken forwards or backwards in time, you would always know what time of years it was from how the trees are looking.

Light Evenings
The light evenings make the day feel so much longer. Many of us feel a lot more motivated and productive during the spring and summer, and it's not hard to see why - you feel like you can cram so much more into your day. For those who work a 9-5 job and come back home to darkness in the winter, the warmer months make it feel like there's a whole chunk of the day left to enjoy and make the most of before bedtime.

The food...
I definitely eat more salads in the warmer months... a cliche, but true! Main meals become fresher, lighter and more vibrant, as opposed to the warming stodgy casseroles and pies of winter. I get into the habit of rotating the same meals over and over again each week, so I'm excited the shake things up a bit and get some more colour onto my plate.

What are you favourite things about spring? And do you have any exciting plans for the next few months?

Here's hoping that the sun keeps his hat firmly on his head from now on!