The best "sociable" party food... (For celebrating Women's Day!)

We think there is no better way to celebrate it being International Women's Day yesterday than with a girlie get together... and we have the perfect food idea for this!

Fresh Summer Rolls

You will need:
- 1 pack of spring roll rice wrappers (online or some health food shops / Asian speciality supermarkets)
- A selection of veggies all cut to thin baton type shapes... and loads of them with varying colours and textures
- A selection of protein "boosters" which could include smoked salmon, cooked prawns, cooked chicken/beef, grilled halloumi…whatever you have to hand.  Avocado is packed full of healthy fats so if you haven’t thought about it in the veg section pop it in as a booster!

Dips: You can go easy and just use soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce for the dips or you can get adventurous and make a peanut dipping sauce or even your own sweet chilli dip. 

We think that this is one of the best "sociable" meals to get everyone involved and chatting around the dinner table when they do it themselves. Lay out the platter of chopped veggies and extras in the middle of the table and position big bowls of warm water, 1 between 2 around the table. Put your dips into lots of little bowls and spread them around the table.
Fill up the wine glasses and go!

- Take a rice wrapper and place in the bowl of warm water, gently rubbing it until it softens but being careful not to crinkle or tear it
When it feels completely soft and flappy, gently lift it out of the water and on to your plate trying to keep it as flat as possible
- Now add your fillings (don’t over fill!) in a rectangle-ish shape in the centre of the circle
- Bring the edge nearest to you up and over to cover the filling then gently fold in either side before finishing by folding the top over towards you to complete the little package - much like wrapping a present! 

Don’t worry if you get a few tears in your first rolls, it will take a while to get the hang of this but believe me it is worth it when you do

Now we are undecided as to the best way; eat as you go? Or assemble your line of finished rolls before tucking in?nYou let us know which way you decide! 

So fill up your glasses with fizz, have a laugh trying to make the most perfect roll and please take a photo and let us know how you get on!!