Self-Care Advent Calendar (Week 2)

Here's our Self-Care Advent Calendar for week two of December...

December 7th

The end of another busy week and chances are you have already started the Christmas social whirlwind of parties etc. Today is all about clawing back a tiny piece of calm in a hectic day. For those busy souls who have never tried meditation - this will be harder than you think, but persevere... it is worth it.

Find a quiet room and turn off your phone for 8 minutes with an alarm so that you don’t have to keep watching the time. Find somewhere to sit comfortably where you have a good posture, straight back and feet on the floor with legs at a 90 degree angle. Don't cross you legs and make sure your hands are relaxed. Light a candle and pop it somewhere in your direct view. Gaze at the flame and try to focus on your breath. Thoughts will pop into your head but just acknowledge these and let them go. This will be harder than it sounds! When your alarm goes, blow out the candle, take a deep breath, smile and get on with your day!

December 8th

Today is about enjoying a treat! Make yourself a warm cup of fresh ginger tea....
Chop off a thumb tip sized chunk of fresh ginger and peel - the easiest way to do this is using a teaspoon to scrape off the skin. Finely slice into strips and place into the bottom of a mug.  Top up with hot water and if you fancy something sweet then add a teaspoon of honey. Try to sit for a peaceful 5 minutes outside in the fresh air (wrapped up in a coat or blankets obviously!) and enjoy your warming drink.

December 9th 

Today is probably a busy Sunday. You might be decorating your Christmas tree or the house, you might be rushing around doing Christmas shopping or you might be visiting relatives. Whatever you are doing today, take 5 minutes to connect with someone who you perhaps haven’t spoken to for a while. Even if just a text to say hi, it's lovely to connect with old friends. Perhaps you might take time to write a quick note inside a Christmas card or even call someone if you have a peaceful 10 minutes. However you want to do it, reach out and connect with one old friend today.

December 10th

The start of a busy week. Today we need to think about planning...
Planning is the key to ensuring a healthy and stress free week as far as cooking and eating is concerned. Focus on simple and fast meals that will also help you with lunch the next day. Planning to cook more food so that you have leftovers to eat for lunch is a great way to save money and time. Big trays of roasted vegetables to use with pasta, in a puy lentil salad or cooked into a frittata are all simple and fast meals that can double up as lunch the following day (eaten cold with a salad). Take 10 minutes to just go through the week ahead and write a list of food that you need to buy to make it simple.

This is a great habit to get into in general!

December 11th

Spend some time outdoors today. Whether it is a walk, a cycle or a jog, just get into the fresh air for 20 minutes and get your heart rate up.

December 12th

Today is all about getting over the midweek hump! Plan to take 30 mins tonight to enjoy a hot bath in peace and quiet. Candles or no candles, book or no book... just relax and take this precious midweek time to just focus on what the rest of the week holds. What needs doing and which jobs to prioritise, remembering that it is rarely possible to do everything on our to do lists at this time of year.

December 13th

Today is about feeling in control. 

Write a list of Christmas presents that you need to buy, check off those that are already bought and plan what you are going to get for those that you have yet to buy for. If you can, why not search for these online and order tonight?  That way they will come in good time and you might well have completed your present list before we hit Decembers half way mark! That would be quite an achievement.

Our next Self-Care Advent Calendar instalment will be published on the 14th...
Have a great week!