Money saving tips for storing food!

Continuing with our Zero Waste Week theme, today we are looking at a few money saving tips to make your food last longer. There are certain foods that will always seem to languish in the bottom of the fridge; lettuce, mushrooms, berries and herbs are probably top of my list for foods that I end up throwing away. Here's a few tips tat will hopefully make this a thing of the past for you too...

- Lettuce: Pick out the rotten leaves first of all. Then wrap in some kitchen paper (this will absorb the moisture and show down its deterioration) before popping into a plastic bag and storing in the fridge.

- Tomatoes: Not so much about waste but a suggestion that storing them at room temperature makes them taste SO much better!

- Mushrooms: These tend to release a lot of moisture so storing them in a plastic bag with some kitchen paper to absorb the water, will prolong their life.

- Berries: With most fruit, there is a tendency to wash it all as soon as it gets through the front door! When washed, berries with spoil faster, so store them in the fridge after removing any dodgy ones and wash just before you want to use them.

- Herbs: I would imagine that many half used packs of herbs sit quietly rotting in our fridges! We tend to buy a pack for a recipe, then the rest of the pack gets forgotten. The best idea is to grow you own herbs, far less wastage this way and far cheaper. However, if looking after a plant is not on your radar then lets focus on what you can do with the other half of the packet...
-Herb infused oil: This works well with leftover rosemary or thyme! Push the herb stems into an empty glass bottle and fill with olive oil... That's it!
-Pesto: This works well with leftover coriander/parsley/basil. Simply blitz olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese, some lemon juice (to taste) and a handful of nuts (pine/cashew/brazil) and season. Tip into a small glass jar and this will keep in the fridge for a week or so/

So there are today's tips... we hope you find them helpful and let the war on waste continue!