Autumnal Wellbeing / Cosy things to do this autumn!

Although it can be hard to say goodbye to long summer days and balmy alfresco nights, there is plenty to look forward to this autumn. Many people see the start of autumn as being the first of September, but technically, it doesn't actually begin until the 22nd... and that's tomorrow! A cosy, autumnal blog post is in order! 

Now that the temperature is dropping and the nights are drawing in, you can indulge in warming treats such as hot chocolate and teas like spicy chai or lemon and ginger. Why not go all out and add some whipped cream and marshmallows to your hot choc?! Everything in moderation! You could even add a pinch of cinnamon to make it extra special. As you'll most likely be spending more time inside and just the thought of standing over a hot cooker will no longer make you sweat, autumn is a fab time to get back into the kitchen! We have plenty of autumnal recipes over on our Instagram account... check them out!

As the evenings get cooler and darker, I like to make my home feel really snug - who doesn't love candles and cushions and blankets?! It's important to unwind at the end of a long day, and I find that setting a relaxing scene at home after dinner really helps me to clear my head before bed. Another treat you can enjoy now that it's cooler is a lovely hot bubble bath - again a fab way to unwind. You can even take your hot choc and candles with you... bliss.

The homely and cosy feeling of Autumn encourages me to spend more time on my personal projects and hobbies. When the weather is so lovely in the summer, I often feel like I have to be outside doing summery things like picnics and barbecues. But with blustery weather becoming the norm, staying inside to read and do some writing is nothing to feel guilty about! Regardless of how old I am, Autumn always has that fresh start, back-to-school kind of feeling too, which always urges me to get my notebooks out and spend some time away from my phone!

Talking of spending time away from technology, autumn is the perfect time to go for walks. The weather is not too warm but no too cold, you get the opportunity to don your fave boots for the first time in months, and the trees are just so pretty! They're definitely on the turn now and there are a lot more orangey patches around... soon you'll be able to kick through piles of crunchy leaves in said boots! Autumn fashion is another thing to get excited about... a chunky scarf can make a boring outfit look chic and a wooly hat is the perfect solution to a bad hair day!

Autumn provides us with lots of opportunities to chill out, unwind and put ourselves first - things that can be hard to prioritise in our busy lives. My list of things to do this season include finishing my current book (which seems to be taking me an age to get through!), digging out my warmer clothes and playing around with some outfit ideas, and making time to get on with some writing...What's on your list? Send us a tweet or tag us in an Instagram pic!